Hard Hook - MulberrySQUID®


Floki's Hard Hooks, the ultimate hookbait for the most extreme conditions! Create an absolute attraction with this hard-coated boilie!

Floki's Hard Hooks take hardness and attraction to the next level! This coated boilie is baked 24 hours after coating to create an ultra-hard hookbait, which is resistant to the most extreme conditions such as a lobster infestation or schools of gobies. The coating is water-soluble and is composed of carp triggering ingredients such as predigested fish meal and belachan, and the meal of the chosen range GLM, KRILL, MulberrySQUID® or Fritsi. Depending on the current in the fished water, the coating will remain intact for between 12 and 24 hours. We strongly recommend using a drill or a sharp boilie needle with the Hard Hooks due to the extreme hardness of this hookbait!
EAN 8720618405739
SKU FB30016
Range MulberrySQUID®
Packaging Jar

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